Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tim's XL

This Sporty is owned by our buddy Tim. Tim did a lot of work on this bike but had the guys at GarCo help out with some of the stuff. The paint was done by Shane and is up to his usual standard. Which of course means no one can believe it looks this damn good with so little experience. Have I told you lately that I hate Shane :)  Not a whole lot to tell about this one because I didn't get to talk to Tim first. I catch up with him later and maybe take some cooler pics and post more info. In the meantime enjoy the pics.

Nice clean lines on this hardtailed beast.

Love the custom pipes and sissybar.

Gotta love a well chopped cam and sprocket cover. Dig on those pegs and brake pedal.

Love the tank design.

Just how many drugs do you have to do to come up with these wild patterns?

Diggin' it man!

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  1. 75th Ranger Regiment Points Cover. Seriously cool!