Sunday, July 10, 2011

Actually Did A Little Work On The Flyrite Sporty....

I'm still collecting parts and hoping to get the bike ready in time for the Bastard Bash in August. I might make it, but don't bet money on it. Won't be from a lack of effort though, just a lack of money. I've been wondering what headlight I should get for the bike. I see a lot of folks using the old spotlights and I like them, but I wanted something else. Luckily I can across this light on ebay and got it for a steal because of a casting flaw on the bottom back side. I like it so far, even though drilling through that bottom tree was a major pain (especially after the drill caught, snapped the bit and slung the drill into my face). Finally got a big enough hole in it, but still have to do a little work to get enough room to tighten the nut. I got it close, but still need to tweak it.

From the front with the 4" over tubes. Next year I'll probably pick up a set of 6" overs.

You can see some of the details in this one. I like the little raised spots. Makes it look a little more interesting to me.

Tucks in nice and close too. Not overpowering at all and I like it that way.


  1. Casting flaw, raised spots...? didn't see it at first on my Lil' Intel Atom...but accidentally figured out how to zoom in on the pics (probably never be able to do it again). That is a nice looking little unit. Kinda "Art-Deco" ya know...what kinda tank you gonna run? That light would look good with one of those old peanut-tanks with a raised ridge down the middle. Then you'd have to find one of those auxiliary Trail 90 side tanks and get it chromed-up...(just kidding I think).

  2. I'm using the stock tank off of an ironhead Sporty. I like your idea too, but I have a line on this other tank from a great friend and that of course gives it more meaning to me.