Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chopper Ed's Rack for Alaska!

Our buddy Chopper Ed is planning another trip to Alaska and is getting his Sportster chop ready to go. To make the trip with the gear he needs, Ed has enlisted Spenser to make a few modifications to his bike. The main one is a rack that fits over the current sissy bar and is set up to accommodate about 500 bungie straps. If you've seen Ed pack a bike before you'll know why this is a good thing. Stewie also made a small rack to go between the seat and gas tank as well as a modified headlight mount that can be flipped over for a future rack to fit where the light is now. Check out the pics and bask in the glory of the chopper turned touring bike...

The main rack, this is a work of art.

The other side. Check out the simplicity yet pure genius behind this. The rack drops over the current sissy bar, then attached to the seat mounting area and to a couple of bungs on the sissy bar itself.

The front mount at the seat springs.

Ed loves to take extra gas with him. This rack was designed for this can to have a nice comfy home.

The rack in between the seat and tank. Not sure what is supposed to be carried here, but I'm sure Ed has something in mind.

The headlight mount. The plan is to flip the light over and mount it from the top when traveling allowing a rack or bag to sit where the light is now. I'm sure I'll see the rig in action on the way to the Bastard Bash in a few weeks.
See Ya There!!!!!

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  1. Gotta have a place to carry the snow tires...those are awesome racks. Up in Alaska I'm sure you want to carry some spare gear and gas on those "highways". I'm a big rack fan myself. Did too many trips with stuff precariously lashed to fork legs and what-not. That little rack would definitely not be, for hard or sharp objects...