Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More BMR Pics

The new Cycle Source just came out recently and that got me to thinking about BMR again. I was actually quite happy to see that my bike made it into the main image used for the BMR article. Mine is the black/blue Bad Boy with the Evel Knievel helmet on the handlebars. Not a great beauty shot, but hey you take what you can get. Also in this months issue is a feature about Adam Doyle's bike and I realized I had a good pic of it so I thought I'd share that as well. The rest of the pics are just ones that I like.

Adam's Bike, if you want to know more about it then go by the new Cycle Source! It's the only magazine I subscribe to.

Kick ass Panhead. I LOVE that old stock paint on that ironhead Sporty gas tank. There's not even much of anything I would change on this bike and I ALWAYS want to change something on every bike I see. Even my own......ESPECIALLY my own.

Another view plus you get to see the Shovelhead parked next to it. A couple of very sweet bikes for sure.

This bike tripped me out when I saw him out on the road before he made it to the campground. This bike is SO low and the ammo cans are SO wide he could barely turn it. Definitely NOT a great bike for winding mountain roads. I bet it was a scary ride through the hills that weekend.

You can get a better idea just how low and wide it all was. Nice bike, and I'm all about using Army surplus stuff, but this one made me scratch my head. The main thing is that HE likes it so my opinion doesn't really matter.


  1. Had to google John Harman front ends after seeing the pic of Adam's bike with the "Harman" or Harman-type front end. Remember those from the 70's, in fact John Harman used to come by the shop I worked at in Folsom, California. Looks like they are being built still in Roseville Calif., and a couple of clones out there too. I always thought if I ever built a radical chopper I'd go with one of those on a proper frame. The bikes I saw running them actually handled well, and definitely had a nice clean look. Those early ones had really nice welds and chrome. As for the Ammo-box bike, it kinda reminds me of a lot of the rat rod stuff happening...guess it's cool to have something that looks like a cartoon off of a Roth T-Shirt, but, the older I get safety and practicality considerations come in to play.Now my brother on the other hand, always has bikes that are just plain scary and dangerous. Maybe you don't have to worry about anyone messing with them....?

  2. That's really cool that you knew John Harmon. He was a genius and I wish he was still around creating stuff. I agree with you about the age and riding deal. I would never ride a drop seat frame not that I've actually been over the handlebars. I can just see my nuts getting ripped off every time I see one of those bikes. ;-)