Saturday, July 9, 2011

Making Some Custom Pipes

GarCo has a customer with a really nice old 85-86 FXWG (notice there is no damn D in the letters. There were Wide Glides WELL before the Dynas). Since the owner has chromed and customized so much he decided he needed truly custom pipes. That leads us to Spenser doing his magic and creating another work of art. The owner wanted 2" pipes so that had to be dealt with, but they still came out nice and the size transition doesn't dominate the look like some pipes I've seen. Starting with a few pieces of bent tubing and some good tools Spenser will sit and stare then cut a little, then grind some and then stare a little more continuing over and over until a set of sweet pipes suddenly appear out of the welding smoke. This set is going to chrome so they are steel, but the best work comes out when Stewie gets to make them out of stainless. That's when we get to see the best welds and super nice finished product.

These pipes really lined up just right and follow the lines of the bike without being the same as every other set of pipes on the market.

The bottom line and the alignment of the ends really works out well.

The master at work.

Blending in the 1 3/4" to 2" transition.

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