Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Behind The Scenes From GarCo's Chop Off Bike....

One of the great things about being friends with the guys in cool shops like this is that I get to see the Top Secret projects as they are progressing. Larry lets me take pictures of the secret stuff as long as I hold on to them until the appropriate time. Since the Smoke Out is over I guess it's OK to share some of these pics of the building of the Garage Company Customs Chop Off entry.

As you can see the tank is a permanent part of the frame now. It was welded on and molded in to make it as slick as possible. The paint was done by the overly talented Shane. You can see Spenser decided to get out of the way and get a little paying work done in the background and Boozer is sitting there pondering the meaning of life.

You can get a better look at the molding of the tank and the cool paint that Shane came up with. Lots of details here and a lot of them can't even be seen when the bike is together.

Details such as this work under the seat. Very cool pattern and it's not even out on display. That's OK, we know it's there.

The tank mural is of course over the top and unbelievable. Shane painted this with brushes and a little air brush work as well. Who doesn't love a Wizard riding his giant Basset Hound? You can also see the round bar that was bent, welded to the tank and then molded in.

A nice little detail. Larry needed a spacer/washer so he machined up this cool stepped spacer to get the job done. It's the little stuff like this that makes a bike great.

OK, that's it for now. I'll have more later so be sure to keep checking in!

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