Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Progress On The Flyrite Sporty...

If you've been reading the blog you know all about this project and what happened on Saturday. I figured I'd throw some pics out there for ya. I went in to work on the bike and was able to make a little progress. My nice piece of stainless got in this week so I was ready to make a sissybar. It's been a while since I've used a torch so Boozer was helping me get it adjusted right, then helped me make the first bend for the bar. Got it close to what I wanted then took it out to test fit it. Decided I needed to bend some more before I started on the bends to get around the fender. Fired the torch up and couldn't get it to adjust, started checking and damned if we didn't run out of oxygen. Oh well, I have other stuff to work on....

The sissy bar so far. It's going to be a traditional pointed bar with the tip tilted back. I've always loved that style and want to run it on here.

So, no torch means start cutting up that beautiful oil tank I just bought. It really hurt my feelings to have to molest the craftsmanship on the tank, BUT, I needed more room to get the exhaust to work. That meant I need a notch in the tank. so I made one. Here is where I marked out my first cuts. The bottom mounting bung is in the way and had to go.

After I cut the slot and then trimmed some more to get it right.

Test fitting the tank. I had to make sure I kept the tank rotated and positioned so that I can get the cap off once the tank is mounted. Now I have to get with Spenser one evening to start filling in the hole and making the mounts. My welding skills are no where near good enough to do this tank. It's too pretty to booger up so I'm enlisting the help I need.

That's it for today. Stay tuned and I'll keep ya up to date as the bike comes together.


  1. Cutting it makes an already cool tank just a little cooler. Looks good. Is your sissy going to be tall like Nick's?

  2. Until you make a sissy bar, even a so-called simple's not so easy to get things all symmetrical and lined up just right. You guys are taking me back to my shop days. Haven't worked a lot of stainless myself. Back then, since there was a chrome shop right off the mechanics shop, we made most stuff out of plain steel stock and would hand it off to the chrome guys. Getting brave on that "oil bag"...hahaha, haven't used that term in ages. It's cool that your building your bike the "old fashioned" way. Not just bolting up a bunch of shiny mail-order billet, and doing a lot of the dirty work yourself. A bunch of guys in the school district I work in have the "cookie-cutter" bikes that don't interest me in the least. Looking good.

  3. Batman... love your pics. Keep it coming !!!!