Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Old Pics From Germany 1988-1992

I've been getting plenty of encouragement to post more old pics so here we go. All of these are from my days with the Stray Dogs MC. My Brothers & Sisters in the Club were all great people. Most of us were military, some were local riders and some were American civilians working for the Army. We all loved our bikes and rode the hell out of them. It was nothing for us to decide we need to ride a 100 miles just to get a specific brand of beer. There was a party somewhere EVERY weekend that it wasn't snowing and we went as many as we could get to. Basically the host club would set up a huge Fest Tent with food and a bar inside, usually they had a band at night as well. We would all show up and put up tents all around and commence to party. Our Club was known for us getting hammered, then one of use would ride our bikes into the bar tent with a Brother on the back to get us some more beer. The beer was sold in huge beer steins too. None of these pansy little cans you see these days. These were great times, I wish there were more parties like the BMR. It really reminds me of how it was back in Germany. Enjoy the pics, let me know if you like em and if ya do I'll keep digging em out.

My Sporty and Horse on his Shovel getting ready to head out for a party. We were outside the barracks here and I'm sure we were waiting for my g'friend to get ready since I see her helmet hanging from the rear of the bike.

Ingo wrapped in the Club flag for some drunken reason. The black band was in memory of a Brother who was an Apache pilot that was killed on a training flight. We kept the band on for a year in honor of Les R.I.P. brother.

John waiting around outside Claire's Pub waiting for everyone to arrive so we could ride out as a Club.

Me and Rosie the Pres' ol' Lady. She was great to hang out with. Yep, that's a bottle of Boone's farm in my hand and some more beer steins on the table. I have no idea who's Bud that was, must have been some FNG hangaround.

John, Horse, Horse's evil EX and then I can't remember who was on the end. Give me a break it was 22 years ago. That's longer that some of you bastards have been alive!

Our local crew hanging out in John's garage. The Club was based out of Bad Windshiem, but a bunch of us were stationed up around Wurzburg so we hung out together when we weren't with the main crew. The rest of these pics are Moochie's , but she said I could use them. Yeah, that scrawny little bastard near the left is me. That was a lot of beers ago.

Earl relaxing outside John's garage.

A dog's gonna piss on the wall you know!

At a party. You can see one of the beer steins we drank out of hanging from John's belt.


  1. You say that's for drinking beer out of? Thought it was one of those oil pitchers we have out at our gas pumps at work. Ha ha ha, good grief! Wonder if you guys ever crossed paths with some of the guys I work with. I have one old friend that worked as a civilian at a base, but that was in the late 60's. He used to travel around with his Army buddies. Great pics .

  2. I like the GA Bulldawg patch thats awesome

  3. Timebomb, since there were so many of us military folks in the club I wouldn't doubt that the Georgia Bulldog was the inspiration ;-)

  4. Great pics as usual brother but I gotta say seeing that CUCV in the first photo sure made me smile LOL!!!!

  5. Not many people even have a clue what you are talking about Roadside. They were fun trucks to play in that's for sure. They sucked on the interstate though ;-)