Monday, July 25, 2011

I Told You I Would Get Some Work Done!

Finally starting to LOOK like I'm making progress at least. Some people will tell you that motorcycles are optional or not that important to this lifestyle, if you see one of those folks call them out for the poser they are. Without Bikes there would be no lifestyle to live. Making a bike your own with the help of your best friends is what makes life right. Anyone with a decent job can buy a bike, not everyone can make a bike truly their own. Gotta remember though that when people help you with your bike whether it's welding on a tab, making an axle or even just giving you some parts, you need to acknowledge that help. No one can do it all by themselves, we all pitch in to help each other so that we can rack up those miles together. So with that in mind I want to thank some folks for helping me. First off, Boozer for starting this project and gathering the parts. He got off to a good start, but for whatever reason he had to let it go, the great thing is that he's more than willing to give me the background on anything he had a part in. Ed bought the pile then sold it to me for a great price and with a great deal. Larry has been invaluable on this deal, between shop space to work, letting me use the tools and supplies, helping me move the damn thing around and especially for just being a Brother. Spenser, what can I say, he's a creative genius and a damn good welder. He makes the stuff stay attached and rescues me from my own screw ups. And I gotta mention Bro. Roadside Marty, he is the supplier of the gas tank you see here. I didn't ask him for a tank, but he knew I needed one and he made it happen for me. There have been many others helping me on this one like Bill, Chopper Ed, Ian, Zoom and my favorite machinist Ross. When I am done I will do a better job with the accolades. In the meantime, check out the progress and get the hell out there and make that bike your own!

Mocked up with the fender, gas tank and the beginnings of the sissy bar. The seat belongs to Zoom, he brought it in to be used on his project, but since it is exactly what I plan to use he let me borrow it for the pics.

Looking down, better view of the seat. I've liked this style ever since I saw one on Snow's old yellow Shovelhead back in the old Ironhorse days. He put one of these on after he took the pogo seat off. (Yeah, I've been in this scene for a few years )

Making sparks, cutting the tabs to mount the fender.

Cut, grind, round, repeat!

Back in the fab room, the front of the tank is set up, the main fender mount is fabbed and the bike is starting to look like a bike .

Another view. I am really digging this beast!


  1. Nice! Bike is coming together for sure!

  2. Man that thing sits just right! What did you decide for the tank, frisco or low down and dirty?

  3. Lookin damn good brother..I'm proud of you!! Can't wait to lay down some miles beside you on it and for the record I thought Snow's Project Shovel was one of the best ongoing articles that he EVER published but that pogo seat on it's very first incarnation looked like ass..Roadside

  4. Thanks Y'all!

    Marty, I'm glad SOMEONE besides me remembers that bike. I hated that pogo, but really dug that scorpion style seat. When this bike is done there will be a road trip involved so that we can roll some miles together.

  5. I'm going to try to put together a camping trip down that way in the fall Jeff. In-laws have some property down Marty's way, it would be cool if we could get a BIG group together. I'm sure Marty can show us how to do it Baldwin County style!

  6. Hell yeah Bill let's make it happen!!! BALDWIN COUNTY MOTHERFUCKER..I guess I need to start saving bail money now LOL!!!

  7. Starting to look like a runner. The tank looks right mounted up. Nice long,low look.
    Shhhhh...don't tell anyone I took the day off to work on my bikes. What sort of pipes are you thinkin'?