Monday, October 31, 2011

This Day Last Year....

I was getting ready to go see my all time favorite band play at Zydeco. Southern Culture On The Skids is a great band that have been playing for a couple of decades and they are even better now than they ever were. If you don't have fun at a SCOTS show then you are a loser. Rick Miller is one of the most underrated guitarists playing today, Mary Huff lays down some killer and super solid bass lines and Dave Hartman plays drums just as good and as complicated as most drummers except he plays them standing up! Unfortunately for me they are playing in N.C this year but I'll still blast them a couple of times today and then go home and groove to a few of their videos on youtube. Maybe I'll even download their new CD Zombiefied, or at least go ahead and order the disc. Back to the bikes tomorrow, but TODAY WE DANCE!

The very first video ever released by SCOTS. It's a fun song and appropriate for Samhain/Halloween.

My favorite Bass Player, in her Halloween finest. Yeah I've got a crush on her. It's OK, my Wife knows and just shakes her head thinking how silly I am

Rick playing the Alabama guitar the Music in Alabama group took around to various shows all year letting bands play it while their picture was taken for the group to use to promote music in Alabama. By the way Rick said he was dressed as Fee Waybil in case you couldn't tell.

Dave giving the drums hell in his Waffle House uniform. I guess he was late getting off from his day job and had to rush to the show.

I was dressed as an extra in a 60's Biker flick. Yeah, it was cheesy but I was in a rush to put something together. Hey, the damn blonde wig got me noticed by you know who ;-)

During Camel Walk these girls were tossing Little Debbie oatmeal pies into the crowd.

The title song from the new album . It's actually an album made for Australia years ago that is being released here with a bunch of new songs added. This video was the contest winner to make a new video for the song.

Back the the bikes tomorrow. I made a new sissy bar for the softail that I can show you pics of.

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