Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It Was a Small Ride To Lunch This Weekend

I finally got back to the shop this weekend, but Larry and Spenser were leaving early for various reasons. That left us with a smaller group for lunch. Someone had the great idea of going to Nino's and of course this made me very happy ;-) Ian and I rode our bikes, but Bill decided to ride in the truck with Ross ( I think they had important stuff to go over, or partake of, or whatever they were doing). Lunch was great, then we rode back to the shop to watch Spenser lock up and we all left. I ended up riding over to Conte Kustoms, but that's a post for later this week.

Parked outside Nino's, I LOVE their "meat lover's" calzone. Damn! It's good.

Ready to leave Ian was giving Bill and Ross a ration of crap for driving as he should have. Actually I think they were deciding where to meet to ride up to Talladega the next day.

Ian waiting for traffic to clear.

Bill leaving the shop. To get to Conte Kustoms you turn right at that stop sign and go back into the industrial park.

Back in that area is also an old quarry that used to be a regular swimming hole for people. Now it's a scuba school and pretty much blocked off. Normally you can't even see the water from the road, but since it is getting colder and the underbrush is dying off a gap appeared along one edge and I pulled over to take a few pics.

These pictures make it look so nice, but I was standing in a dumpy, trashy area of an industrial park, quite a juxtaposition I must say.

Stay tuned there's more fun to come!


  1. KustomJeff,

    In Germany, my current home, there is no place to get a slice of American pizza. In general, I can live without - but after a couple of attempts at the grocery store I'm left wanting. Your mention of a damn good calzone made me wonder, why, in a country of amazing bread does all pizza come served on a mincy wafer-thin crust? Why does it lack that robust, American flavor?

    I know, I know, the Europeans just do things differently, but I want a gill-stuffing, heart stopping pizza. Dammit.

    Behind Bars

  2. Where in Germany are you? I want to go back there one day. I think the deal with the calzones and pizzas is that we use more butter on the crust. All the good ones get a slathering of melted butter to add that flavor to the crust. I don't seem to remember them using near as much butter when I was there. I may be remembering wrong, but it HAS been 20 years since I was in Europe ;-)