Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making A New Sissy Bar...

for the Bad Boy. I've always liked the style of the old bent tip style sissy bar and almost bought an "ugly stick" for the bike back when I worked at the dealer. As usual I was too cheap to go through with it. Instead I waited forever then decided to make one myself. I kinda went overkill and used stainless even though I planned to paint it. At least this way I don't have to worry about rust screwing up the paint. I know most of y'all have never seen me actually finish a project, but I am pretty much done with this one. I'll split this into two posts since I still haven't gotten outside to take a good pic of the finished product.

The new bar next to the old one. You can see the new one will be about 6" taller than the factory one.

All bent up and ready to cut to size.

I drilled the holes to fit the factory sideplates then tapped them for the factory mount bolts. They work so why not reuse them.

Fitted up and ready to weld the roundbar to it.

Cutting the bar to size. I love to take pictures of sparks flying!

Cut and waiting for Spenser to have a minute to weld for me. I need to learn to use the TIG. I'm OK with a MIG or even torch welding, but I haven't had a chance to tackle the TIG yet.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the project.


  1. Thanks! It looks even better now ;-)

  2. If you have oxy-acetylene welding experience, you'll probably take to Tig welding pretty quick. Seems like people who haven't, struggle for awhile with feeding the filler rod manually. I've been wanting to get back into aluminum welding. Have wanted to tackle an aluminum fuel and oil bag for a trials bike project.