Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Post About New Orleans......Maybe!

Just a few more pics then it's the weekend and I can get back to bike pics.

This car passed as we were leaving the Music Festival. Nice car, but I'm not a fan of this style of flames. Good work though by who ever did it.

This was in the window of the tourist welcome center. I guess they rent them or something. It looked sad being locked up inside like that though. I wanted to break it out let let it go free but the Wife wouldn't let me.

Found this girl "lounging" out on the roof of our hotel Sunday morning. She was awake, but didn't seem very happy. I'm guessing she had a few hurricane's the night before.

The number of old guys with Hawaiian shirts at this party was pretty impressive.

You would not believe all the people wearing Saints support stuff. An I don't mean simple t-shirts and stuff. It was hot out there and these people are wearing black pants with black Saints jerseys and hats. They were not casual fans they all had uniforms on for their team. This woman's cheerleader outfit took top honors though.

Is this Clay from Sons of Anarchy?

She couldn't decide if she's a Saints fan or if it was time for Mardi Gras.

Local Bike Club of some sort arrived just before we left.

On the way north to Natchez there was a wreck on I-55. Since the interstate is all on a bridge any time cars wreck it completely stops traffic until they get it cleared up. This one had us held up for about 45 minutes to an hour. I did get out of the car and look around a bit while we waited. It feels weird to realize you are walking an an Interstate where just a short bit ago all the traffic was moving at 80 mph.

It was a long way to the front of the line. It was good to see the people actually clear the center for the ambulance and wreckers though.

I saw this baby alligator off the other side of the road from where we stopped.

This critter crawled out of the car that tried to ride the white line and sneak in the front of the line after the wreck traffic started moving. Of course I didn't let them in. Screw em they can get back in line where they were. We stopped for gas and I guess they did too.  The Wife says this beauty was in the bathroom having a LOUD conversation on her phone while she sat on the toilet. Is she not the classiest unicorn you've ever seen?

And to finish it up here's a pic of a classic 70's ride.

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