Monday, October 24, 2011

TRIED To Work On The Flyrite Sporty Saturday, Need Seat Help!!

I was SUPER excited Saturday. It's the first day I could go by Garco and do some stuff to the Sporty since the Barber's Vintage Fest. Mt Brother Roadside had sent me a special seat from his stash as a birthday present and I was ready to try it out. Get to the shop, go into the fab room where the Sporty is hiding these days and DAMMIT! It won't work! Apparently it's for a big twin frame with more of a V where the frame and fender meet. If you look at the pics you can see what I mean. With the seat flat on the fender the front of the seat sticks about 6 inches up in the air. I'm pretty bummed because A. the seat came from Marty, B. the seat looks kick ass and is BRAND NEW, it still has the stickers and a wrench has never touched the bolts in it. and finally C. I can't afford a new seat. SO, after conferring with ChopMaster Marty it was decided that I should use the seat as trading material for another one. SO Who has a cool seat that would like to trade for a new Corbin-Gentry chopper seat. I'm open to anything that will look cool and ride decently with this bike. Let me know what you've got.

With the back down the front goes up...

With the front down it looks like I just launched her ass into the air.

Since this bummed me about the Sporty and because Larry and Spenser were busy plus planning to leave early I decided to start on the sissy bar I'm making for my softail. I'm not reinventing the wheel on this one, just too cheap to buy a pre-made one PLUS I like to bend metal and make stuff. This will be a smaller version of the one on the Sporty plus it will mount in the stock sissybar sideplates when I'm done. At least I made progress on SOMETHING!

Mostly bent up, still have to get it all flat now.

Not perfect, but not bad for a 2nd attempt at bending round bar.

You can kind of see how "not-flat" it is. Hopefully I can finish it this Saturday and get the front tire on theSporty AND the Softail. Gonna be a busy day next weekend.

Stick around, got a few interesting posts lined up for this week.


  1. I have an original Hinder 2-up cobra type seat that may work.

  2. Damn man, my new seat looks alot like that. I bent the seat pan some to get it to fit. Post it in the swap on QCB, maybe someone has a cool seat to trade. Keep in touch.

  3. Nick, can ya send me a pic?

    Loaf, if I bend the seat to fit the cover will rip right open as soon as I sit on it. The angle is WAAAAY off.

  4. Would it be possible to take it apart, bend the pan to fit the bike...and then put the seat back together with some mods to the padding? Or maybe make up a new pan and adapt the cover and stuffing? Who knows, can't say I've ever done it. I'm guessing it might be possible.

  5. If it was an old worn out seat I could see doing that. In thi scase though the seat is brand new and never been mounted. It would be a shame to butcher it instead of trading it for on ethat fits.

  6. Pokin' around my garage today and found a seat that might work for you, if you haven't found one yet. Let's see, maybe I'll post a pic of it at my blog, so you can see what it looks like. It looks like it might fit, but hard to say for sure. Yeah, I'll do that and take some measurements and stuff.