Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Visit To Conte Kustoms!

After Spenser left GarCo Saturday I figured it was to early to head home so I headed on over to Conte Kustoms. to see Raf. As usual they were busy making cool stuff happen. They had Raf's brothers Marauder torn down and getting painted. They are also finishing up a 750 Shadow ACE that is looking pretty bad ass. The main bike of the day though is this Sporty that was recently finished. This bike is so kool that it was recently featured on the Lowbrow blog. Kinda makes me proud to know these guys. Check out the pics and if you're ever in town check out the shop. I know Raf will be at Bama Swap & Drag Nov. 12th & 13th at Sand Mtn Dragway so try to catch him there if you can.

A customer came by to look at the Sporty so Raf took it for a blast up and down the road to show what she has. This bike IS for sale, give em a call or go by and check it out 205-757-7238

Going back the other way.

The 750 ACE being finished up. I personally put over 67,000 miles on mine. This one has less than 3k so it has a long life ahead of it.

The Sporty in all its glory

Look at these clean lines. Classic beauty with modern dependability.

Even the headlight was changed.

Call em to say hello or go on by to hang out. You're sure to have a good time.


  1. Seeing the shop pics always makes me nostalgic for my wrenchin' days...Check your Oct.24 post (seat help), and then take a look at some seat pics at my blog.

  2. I commented on your blog post last night. :)