Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spent The weekend In New Orleans.

My Wife and I took off for a 4 day weekend and went to New Orleans for the "Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival". We had a great time and saw some great musicians. We spent a lot of time just wandering in the French Quarter taking pictures (like that is a surprise, me taking pictures ). I won't string this out too far, but it will take a day or two to share some of the fun we had. I'll also be posting stuff on my other blog from the trip, but it will be mostly pics from the "photographer" side of my brain. I'll post the fun stuff and the critter related stuff here.

This is the only "regular" pic I'll post here I guess. This is the statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square with the Catholic Church in the background. If you've been to New Orleans you know where this is.

We made a couple of visits over the weekend to the Crescent City Brewhouse so I could get some more of their Octoberfest special brew. It was a great brown ale that I would have brought home a keg of if I could have.

The ONLY cool bike I saw all weekend. It was in a shop on Decatur Street and as usual I didn't catch the name of it. It's not hard to find though, just walk down Decatur until you see a shop with some actual cool stuff inside instead of the cheesy plastic Mardi Gras crap like in the other shops. I talked to John the guy who owns the bike and he says that he DOES ride it, but since it's not his only bike it makes a great display in the store while it waits for its turn to roll. He didn't know who the builder was since he got it from ebay, but was pretty sure it was built in Atlanta. (If you read this John and want to correct me or add any details please feel free to jump in through the comments.

I finally got to visit the St. Louis #1 Cemetery where the acid trip scene of the movie Easy Rider was filmed. It was pretty neat to be in a spot where a movie that I've seen so many times was filmed. This mausoleum is showing thew wear of 40 years of movie fans coming by and climbing on it. The statues hand is missing and the surface wear on the statue is obvious. Some people can't seem to show a little respect for stuff that's not theirs I guess.  The movie may be more of a hippie movie than a biker flick, but the riding scenes have never been equaled in any other film.I wish someone would make a modern movie with the great kind of riding shots that Easy Rider has.

Close up of the statue where Peter Fonda was sitting in the scene when he was crying and talking to his "Mother". You can see the wear on her if you click the pic to see the large version. I guess 40 years of having people put their oily skin up against her face takes its toll.

The scene from the film in case you don't remember it.

Neat old Chevy Impala with Sailor Jerry graphics wrapped all over it. It was a really nice car, but even though Sailor Jerry is the only rum I'll drink I still would rather have seen a nice flake job on the car. It does its job and catches you attention though.

Stay tuned more to come. 


  1. If you like Sailor Jerry, you should try The Kraken. It is a high proof dark rum that mixes well and goes down smooth. Reasonable priced too.

  2. New Orleans is a place that EVERYONE ought to visit at least ones. One of a kind place!