Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Cool Stuff!

Just some more pics I liked from Barber's.

Really neat old Triumph Pre-Unit Chopper. I couldn't own it because it's almost too cool to change, but it's so sad to see rotting away. Check out the little kid's seat up on the sissy bar. You have to have good insurance on your kids before you let them use that death trap .

Spenser and I slept under the tarp to keep an eye on stuff. This was the view I wake up to. Can't beat having the first thing you see in the morning be two sweet damn bikes.

Saw this gorgeous SuperGlide in the Antique clubs bike show. Never seen this color before and haven't seen a Shovelhead this clean since they were new.

The infamous Wall of Death. This alone is worth the price of admission to the festival.

The bikes they had on display out front.

Lots of Indians in this display. It seems that Indians work better for the type of riding they do on the wall.

I'd LOVE to ride this one.

Just imagine this beast going down the road back in the day.

Old Glory on display and looking beautiful.

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