Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Stuff I Saw This Weekend

Had a Fun weekend. Friday night I saw Wanda Jackson the "Queen of Rockabilly" at Workplay. It was a great show and even at 70 years old this lady put on a great show and can still sing beautifully. If you get a chance to see her on this tour take advantage of it. Saturday was a fun day at Garco, but you'll see stuff about that later this week and Sunday was going to be a nice breakfast ride, but that's another story too. Today I'll show you some random pics from my riding around adventures this weekend.

Sunday while I was waiting for everyone to show up I saw this car in the parking lot and had to get some pics. It's a sweet 1967 Camaro SS with the RS grill. Sweet car and getting harder and harder to find out in the wild like this.

I love the hideaway headlights on these cars.

Unique 67 only taillights. This car even has the stock wheels and correct "short" center caps.

Classic lines, also the only year Camaro with the wing vents on the door windows. This is one of the ways to quickly spot a 67' Camaro or Firebird.

One of the roads near my house.

Another place on the journey. I love riding down tree lined roads.

More to come, just starting ya off slowly this week. NEXT WEEKEND is Barber's Vintage Festival and if you can possibly make it you need to make it!

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  1. Very cool pictures. Both the car and those type of roads are definitely harder and harder to find these days.

    Thanks for sharing!