Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Saturday Hanging With Great Friends!

Yep, once again we hung out at the shop on Saturday and went for a fun lunch ride. I DID get some more work done on the Flyrite Sporty, but Spenser used up all the gas for the TIG welder so it didn't get finished. I'll finish it and get pics in a couple of weeks after things settle dawn. In the meantime once again I bring you the Saturday Lunch Ride.....(In Technicolor)!

Ian (The Big Pink) blasting by on his majorly refinished ironhead. Gone are all the goofy stuff that it came with to be replaced by freakishly cool new stuff.

Profiling on the XL.

Spenser and Larry racing to be first in line at the trough.

Damn traffic!


Ross always rides so damn fast I can never get a good picture of him. I had to use the zoom when he was slowing for a stop light just to get this one!

Making the turn to get back to the shop for more chopping fun!

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  1. Some killer ride shots. You're getting better and better. Keep it up. Good ride shots are the best.