Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sunday's Attempted Breakfast Ride

Whitey  invited me to go on a breakfast ride with Him, Brandon and J.T. Sunday. Of course I said yes, once he told me it was a breakfast buffet with good bacon. SO Sunday morning I get up early and make it over to Pelham by 8 to meet Whitey. While we were waiting for the others a cool older guy stopped and we swapped stories about our old bikes for a little while. Finally we get a call from Brandon, it seems his bike was broke on the side of I-65 and he wanted us to bring him some oil so he could hopefully get going again. Whitey needed gas anyway so this was fine.....

Whitey arrives

Ready to go rescue Brandon

We saddled up and took off. After getting gas and buying some oil we got on the Interstate and proceeded to find Brandon and J.T.. Wasn't hard to find them of course, just look for the damn dirty Bikers on the side of the road...

Trying to make it go again

J.T. giving Moral support before realizing we had no morals to support.

After adding the oil and test running everything we decided to give it a try. The bike seemed to be running OK until we took off. We made it about 100 yards before Brandon's bike spewed a lot of smoke and pretty much died. Luckily we made it to the off ramp and up to the intersection before it stopped. We all got off our bikes and performed triage again, the consensus was that the patient needed a trauma unit. SO J.T. took off to get his truck. (Luckily he road his Sportster instead of the Shovel)....

J.T. off to get the ambulance

The sick patient and the Pelham Cop who stopped to see if he could help. Seemed like a nice guy, but we were beyond his help so he took off.

Some of the dead dinosaur juice that sprayed out of the engine on our short ride.

Finally J.T. gets back and we load the bike and head off to at least get SOME kind of breakfast. We went for a small Mom & Pop joint, but they were closed so we ended up at Waffle House.

Whitey taking off his gear.

The food was good and the conversation was great. We ended up having a pretty good time just sitting around on the side of the road and then again during breakfast. I think we managed to figure out how to solve all the world's problems...or at least why we hate hipsters. All  good things must end so I said good bye to everyone and headed on home to spend the rest of the day with the family. I hope your weekend was as good as mine. Next time maybe we'll even get to use more than a quart of gas on the ride.

J.T., Brandon and the sick puppy on their way to the trauma unit for some help.

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