Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Need Some Help Picking My Best Pic!

Some of y'all have been here since the beginning and I appreciate that. Now I need your help,  I want to enter a pic in a contest and can't decide which of my pics is the best. If any of y'all have a favorite pic that I've taken let me know which one it is. That will help me decide which one is number one. To me their like my kids, I like em all ;-)

Some examples of the style's of pics I've posted.

Riding the Good Road.....

Looking Sweet Standing Still

Trying to Give Life To the New Beast

Look around and find your favorite and let me know which one it is.....


  1. Well I'm pretty partial to "a boy and his dog" but then again, I'm pretty biased.

  2. +1 for "a boy and his dog". I ran across that the other day and it made me laugh!

  3. One of my favs too I even have it in the digital picture frame next to my desk and I smill everytime it rolls around. HOWEVER, I don't know that I will win much at Chop Cult with that one ;-)

  4. The pic from your shirts is a good one...