Monday, January 31, 2011

Suzuki RE-5 Rotary Motorcycle

Mike from Oak Mountain Paint & Body came by late Saturday on his just finished Suzuki Rotary (Click here for info) This baby was sweet. He picked up an old XLCR Sportster Cafe Racer from a guy a while back and he ended up getting this one from the same guy. All it needed was a repaint of the tank and heat shields a little cleaning and a bit of mechanical sorting to make it a beauty. Mike got a little help from a shop in TN that specializes in these bikes and now it purrs like a kitten. The bike is really funky and if you get a chance to see one and hear it run go for it!

The exhaust gets so hot it has to have air intakes at the front to run cooler air alongside the hot exhaust. The cooler air runs outside the inner exhaust pipe and then gets mixed with the hot exhaust near the muffle.

Clean lines, but kinda funky.

That oil filter runs about $40.

Check out those bolts holding the rotary area together. Looks beefy, but the bike is very lightweight.

It's air AND water cooled. That radiator looks like it came out of a Cadillac.

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  1. a friend had one of these back in the late 70's. It was the first yr they made them, and had some cool little accesories that first year. Brad lived about 40 miles from where he worked, and he rode that Suzuki to work rain/shine/ or snow. He affectionately called it his "Water Buffalo".