Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday was a Good Day!

I'm on the way to finishing the Triumph finally. When I had it together a few weeks ago it ran great but was leaking like a pig. I pulled the top end today and found the reason. The head gasket never got sealed correctly. The motor was test run by the man who rebuilt it on his test stand and then I ran it for 10 miles or so. After that it sat for over 3 years after I was hit by a truck and broke my leg. I guess there was not enough heat for enough miles to seal it. This time when it went back together I used some of that copper head gasket sealer so it should be good. Now I just have to finish tearing the rest of the bike down, making it pretty and then putting it back together so I can finally put some serious miles on her.

Coming apart

Those rocker box gaskets were a pain in my ass today!

You can see how much oil was on this head gasket. No wander it smoked from one cylinder and leaked so bad.

Coming back together. Ain't she pretty?

Done dammit!

Top end gasket replacement COMPLETE!


  1. Hey Jeff, its Eric from the BDAC. i am starting my 64 triumph. If you have a place where you get all your parts let me in I have found tons of places. It is always good to help out good folks though. I have got some stuff from The four aces guys. thanks

  2. Hey Eric I've gotten most of my recent stuff from
    They are a GREAT source for the little stuff like stock tank mount kits and carb fittings. We need to get together sometime and compare sources. Let me know if I can do anything to help you with your bike.

  3. I actually ordered some stuff off these guys. Thanks I will for sure hit you up if I need help. My first English bike so you know how that goes. Learn as you go.