Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day Group Ride

There was supposed to be a decent sized group ride for New Years Day planned by a local riding club. The weather this morning was 63* and rainy, but not that bad. By the time I left to go meet up the rain was clearing out so I thought at least SOMEONE else would make it. NOPE, What you see in the pic is everyone who made it. ;-) Oh well, I had a decent ride there and had a pretty damn good ride home. I took the long way and even saw a little blue sky and sun on the way. All you fair weather riders need to get with the program. A bad day on a bike beats a great day in a car EVERY time.

Do I look lonely? That parking lot looks huge when it's completely empty. Good thing my camera has a timer so I could preserve this huge event for posterity.

At least I had some fun and started my New Year off right. Now, it's on to the honey-do list......


  1. it was 32 this morning but with clear blue skies and a light breeze blowing. cold as hell, but still went for a ride through some of the local hills. only put about 25 miles on, but at least I rode....but like an idiot, I didnt put fresh batteries in the cam.

  2. That's why I always have a spare set in the little camera case. ;-) I guess all those years as a Boy Scout pays off sometimes.