Monday, January 10, 2011

Caledonia High School Chopper Club

Here is a cool High School program to support. Many of you know Teach (Kevin Baas) and have seen the great things he has done with his program. This is another school trying to help out kids as well. Check em out and buy a shirt if you can. 

Their Website (click on the link!)

 (From their website)
We are an after school, high school, club in Southeast Minnesota that works on the designing, engineering, and fabrication of motorcycles and motorcycle parts.  Our goal is to give students, many at-risk youth, a real working knowledge of motorcycle fabrication and a creative outlet to apply classroom knowledge to a real world situation.  Our goal each year is to get our bikes finished, and to the Donnie Smith show in St. Paul for the Chopper Class Challenge.  In the club, students learn business, math, marketing, trades, and interpersonal skills all through fabricating and customizing motorcycles.  We are not funded by our school in any way, so in order to keep us going, we rely solely on donations of parts and the sale of out club t-shirts.  Shirts are pre-shrunk 100% cotton, come in black, olive green, or pink, range in sizes from small to XXXL, and only cost $20.00 (with free shipping). 

Wow, just think, supporting kids that love bikes, and getting to wear a B.A. t-shirt at the same time, how flippin’ cool is that!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us so far.  We couldn't function without you!
Scott Martin
Caledonia High School
825 N. Warrior Ave.
Caledonia, MN 55921

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