Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kyle's Nightster....

Spenser was working on building a new sissy bar for Kyle when I got to the shop Saturday. This bike started life as a Nightster and is working its way into becoming quite the bad ass little Sporty. You'll have to excuse the quality of these pics, it was late in the day and the sun was all wrong, but I wanted to get some pics to share.

Off to a good start. He's added solid struts in place of shocks, a nice little ribbed fender, the new sissy bar, a solo seat and some killer paint to the tank.

The new sissy bar

Good shot of the bars from this angle

In all it's Sportster Glory!


  1. I'm not much for struts and seat springs on suspended bikes, but to each his own. Not a bad start though.

  2. I think he's also working on an ironhead chopper, but decided he needed to "unfactory" his Nightster. Like you said, he's off to a good start.