Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nick Takes a Ride!

While I was at the shop Saturday I got to see Nick's bike go down the road under its own power. When I got to the shop Nick had the whole primary/clutch area taken apart to work on his brake crossover shaft. Before I finished working on the Triumph he had it all back together and took it for a test ride. This bike sounds SWEET! Nice and throaty with a kick ass lope at idle. Can't wait to road trip with Nick and this beast!

Backing out the door to start the adventure.

Ready to roll!

And AWAY he goes!

A short little video I shot of Nick coming back from the test ride. It was pretty sunny and I couldn't really see the screen on the camera so forgive the shakiness at the beginning and the weird crop at the end. You have to agree that the bike sounds badass and it's easy to tell he has a beltdrive with all that clutch chatter isn't it? ;-) By the way, please excuse the filth on my bike in the video. I've been riding to work in the rain quite a bit the last week or two.

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  1. You're right about it sounding great and the clutch chatter. Looking good. And wear that dirt like a badge of honor, I do.

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