Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have A NEW Project!

This Saturday I went to GarCo to finish tearing the Triumph apart so I can get it painted and back together. I never got started on it. First off there were a bunch of folks hanging out and playing with various projects and two, Ed was there dropping off his latest bike restoration (killer shovelhead FL that I hope to get pics of later) he started talking about getting rid of some of the Sportster projects he's gathered over the last year or so. We got to talking and he said he wanted to sell this one so I did some serious thinking and financial computations in my head and after Nick threatened to change my nickname from Kustom Jeff to Contemplating Jeff for taking so damn long to make up my mind,  I decided I could make it work. I called Ed today and we worked out the details. I'll meet him one day this week to exchange $$ and paper then I can get to work on this beast. The bike is a Flyrite Sportster Scorcher frame, with a '93 883 motor. It has a set of stock XL forks that will need to be extended 6 inches or so. The wheels that are on it are not part of the deal, but I do get a set of stock XL cast wheels with damn near new tires on them (less than 100 miles). The tank is not part of the deal, it belongs to Nick, but the bars do come with it and I think I dig em.

The bike is sitting on a large block of wood, but it's almost where I want the bike to sit. I'm going to get the frame height right then measure for new fork tubes. It's hard to see in these pics, but the front wheel is about 4 inches off the ground.

I will be wheeling and dealing for a set of wheels just like these so basically it will end up with these wheels in the end.

The engine is just BEGGING for the cam cover to be chopped. It doesn't have a sprocket cover so I won't have to worry about trying to find a cool way to chop it.

Look at those glorious lines!

I'm diggin' those bars!


  1. Hey Bro, You ever thought about putting a book together of your pics and opinions? Your passion is undeniable and your level of knowledge seems to go way beyond the superficial to a deep love of grit. You write pretty well too. ;-)

  2. conflatulations KJ. Makin things happen. Chopp er die!!

  3. kick ass, dude. it's gonna be fun! let me know if i can help with anything.

  4. I see a wheelie machine!?!? congrats bro

  5. Fuck! I think I'm coming home to the states for Chopper Glory and I end up back in Kimchiville after the 'Stan because they gave me an offer I couldn't refuse, since my old lady came back last July finally with a job. So now I have to muddle thru with the two bikes I have; one legal the new Dyna T-Sport and the sporty chop which is not-legal. I wanted to come home for space and comfort to be able to own any damn thing I wanted but I didn't make shit and now for the big money I have to suck it up with limited ownership with no way to afford a space to chop, no way to own another chop and in general bullshit of not being in the states. oh well...

  6. Hang in there Beaner! Chopper Glory awaits you. Korea can't keep you forever!!!