Thursday, January 6, 2011

A day spent screwing around....

Last Friday I was off of work so I headed down to GarCo to see what was going on and to check in since I haven't been there since the big party. Not much was happening, Chauncy was putting a kick starter on his Ironhead, Spenser was doing some finish welding to his frame before sending it to powdercoat and Larry was welding up some bars for a customer. I took a few shots and some of them came out pretty good so I thought I'd share. I had the camera out to get pics of Nick's bike and figured I'd waste a few more electrons. Hopefully I can get out and get some more cool pics soon, but it's hard to do when it's cold.

Spenser doing a little tig welding.

I really like how this shot came out.

I LOVE to see pics of sparks flying so of course I REALLY dig this one.

Larry was feeling a little horny, Ashley wasn't around so we all just made sure we didn't drop anything we couldn't stand to leave on the floor.

This one makes me feel like we were filming a deodorant commercial.

Here's Chauncy ripping into the primary

And here he is with his homemade pulley puller. Sometimes ingenuity and a little scrap metal can save you some big bucks.


  1. Very cool. You have to do a ground up build in photos some time with comentary. I love stuff like that (But I read service manuals in the crapper to)

  2. I'm going to try an do that with the Triumph when I put it back together.

  3. Was it hot in there or was it just me??

  4. I seem to remember it was a little warm ;-)