Sunday, January 30, 2011

WOW! Saturday Was the Best Day of the Year So Far

Saturday was May in January! We had temps up to 70 degrees. As you can see from the pics we rode to lunch in short sleeves. The day started out with me heading over to the adult playground (GarCo) to put my new 4" over tubes on the new Sporty project. The first one was a pain in the ass and took forever, but the second one flew by. Anyway when it was finally time for lunch we all took off on the bikes and had a great little ride. Ross and I had the only non-choppers in the bunch so you can imagine this crew caused a stir as we took off down the road. We ended up at Hooters because our regular place was packed to the gills. We waded through the 100 stock bikes and found a spot easily enough and had lunch. After that we rode over to the local dealership to pick up a couple of fork seals for me and pushrod seals for Spenser. You should have seen the neck snapping in the parking lot when we rolled in. It was pretty funny. After that it was back to the shop. All in all it was an incredible day and I can't wait until this weather is the norm again.

Sittin' at a stoplight.

Leaving the gas station. We had to wait on Ross because his battery cable had worked loose.

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  1. very cool...still around freezing here, but heading out for a ride in a few...I'm with ya though..I'll be glad when 70 degress are back again too.