Thursday, January 13, 2011

3rd Annual GOLD STAR MOTHERS Campaign

If you love and support our troops then you should really support these women. They are the ones who raised those men and women to be the great Warriors they turned out to be. They are the women who gave their hearts to our country and lost them to war. Help show them how much we appreciate their sacrifice.
From the facebook page

They are strong and proud Mother's to America's Son's and Daughters that have lost their life during service to our country. Have you ever seen posted in someone's window a red-bordered rectangle with a blue star in it? Maybe 2 or 3? Each star represents a child that family has in the war. When the star is gold...they have lost their life.

On Memorial Day, at the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally - a rally in tribute to our Nations military, the Gold Star Mothers are escorted on back of motorcycles throughout the ride. I'm proud to say that my husband Monty and my Dad will be escorts again this year. As a retired military officer myself, I was honored to watch this tribute.

For the last 2 years, I've presented each GSM with a FOR EVERY HOME "itsy bitsy" candle with special card that said "Thank you from a grateful Nation" and from whom the candle was donated from.

This year I'm happy to announce we will be giving them a much larger candle that says "My Uniformed Hero" or "My Soldier My Hero"  The choice is yours.

EACH 7 oz. soy candle is a $10 donation and my goal is 100. 

For more info about the Gold Star Mothers in general read this (Click Here)

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