Sunday, January 16, 2011

Custom Painted Tank

Shane is a tattoo artist at Non Stop Art and is one of the most talented artists I've met here in Birmingham. He's put ink on a lot of people I know including my own step son. The thing is though that Shane is a TRUE artist. He is able to make really cool looking stuff in damn near any medium. He decided to tool a seat for his bike, the the carving came out killer. Especially when you consider he's never worked leather before. Since then he's made a few seats for people and they all look great. Shane has also decided he wants to paint gas tanks, he started with his own and of course it blew me away. He's now doing them as a sideline and staying really busy with it. This tank here was only the SECOND tank he had painted. It came out incredible! You saw the whole bike in the previous post, but I wanted you to see the details. Enjoy the art!

Here's Shane at the Garco Christmas Party. I TOLD you he was talented! ;-P

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