Friday, December 31, 2010

Nick's New Shovel Choppy!

Nick locked himself away in the Garage Co. lab for the last few months to work on this beast. He only came out to play at the Christmas party and to wash his butt every few days. All that work payed off because his creation is ready to show the world. This is a true bad ass bike! It's a generator Shovel and tranny from another chopper that he picked up combined with a new repro frame, a one year only springer front end, bates seat, Cut down and split gas tank with the shift gate added and lots of other small cool bits. The details on this bike are unreal, but the lighting didn't cooperate so I didn't get too many close ups. I'll try again sometime and post those later. Enjoy the pics....

The Mad Doctor and his new ride!

He's so happy he's jumping for joy!!!!!!!!!

I told you she was beautiful! The sissy bar is custom made of course and is made from stainless round bar and will get polished soon. The light mount is a leaf from purely medical marijuana CNC cut from stainless, Nick would never want to get cross with the law you know. The leaf was cut by Ross at Southpaw Machine.

The radial lacing of the front wheel really sets of the forks.

I truly dig the way the tank shift looks on this bike, I want to steal this set up for myself. Nick is running a belt primary, that is why the derby cover for the tin primary is not installed. Check out that juice drum on the rear, it was a work of art right from the factory.

I'm not usually a fan of such a height difference between the sissy bar and handle bars, but it really works on this bike. That's how you know the true genius of a bike builder. They can make stuff that normally doesn't work look completely bad ass!

The sweet set of forks, Nick left the original "patina" on the forks because they look so good (I gotta quit letting my Wife talk me into watching all those damn HGTV shows, I didn't even know the word "patina" a few years ago). Good view of the sweet paint that "John the Painter" applied to this honey.

Top view of the tanks, it was an axed alien tank originally, but Nick and Spenser cut them puppies in half and made this set up. It's hard to come up with something unique these days, but I think this qualifies.

More tank detail. And YES, I know there is no petcock. The one Nick has is the wrong one, so he had it off to be changed and I was too impatient to wait.

I think this bike was worth all the effort that went into it and I know Nick will end up riding the hell out of it. I hope to share a few of those miles with Nick myself. See ya Later.....


  1. Great photos and great write up! Thanks Kustom Jeff!

  2. that is how it should be done...nothing extra that doesnt have a good reason to be there. I cant see anything about this bike that I dont like.

    that is a SWEEEEEET RIDE!!