Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2 - Vol 2

Friday was a fun day with lots of stuff going on. Here are some more pics I took during the day. After the sun went down it got crazy and hazy so  I didn't get any pics of those festivities. There's more pics to come so stay tuned.....

Lunch at teh gas station/cafe down the road from the party.

Round the World Doug (or Guzzi Doug to us old timers) made the party with this ancient Indian he was shaking down for the upcoming Cannonball Run.

Roadside found this MASSIVE Diet Mt. Dew at the Dollar General store so we had to get a pic of it.

Sweet and RARE Panhead rocker cover. I wish I had the money for the set AND an engine to put it on.

A few cool dogs made the party. Too bad you didn't.

Roadside Marty and the Legendary Buttas from the Quad Cam Bastards. He never smiles so I HAD to capture the moment for posterity.

Benji just hanging out enjoying the party.

Campsite shots.
Looking toward the bar.

Kim and Roadside eating a 7 pepper steak at the Tellicafe.

Chris and Curt enjoying their steaks'

Curt, Nichole and Kim chowing down.

More pics on the agenda, keep checking back.


  1. You did it!!!You got a picture of Butters smiling! I think you cheated by using Marty though...he could charm the pants(or shirt)off of anyone. I owe you lunch, challenge dominated. You rule!

    1. What can I say, I SEE things and get the pic ;-)