Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Even MORE Bike Pics From BMR

More bike to drool over! I walked around while the sun was going down on Saturday and these are some of the pics I took. Check em out, enjoy them and come back later for more.

Nice Shovel, I usually don't like overly flashy paint, but this works for me. It's kinda wild, but classic enough to work.

The other side.

Pretty cool treatment of a softail. It has classic lines but with an evo for dependability. I doubt the shocks do much good lowered like this and of course the "suspension" adds about 60 pounds, but it looks good and when the time is right it can be taken all the way to true rigidville.

See what I mean about the nice lines?

My Josh Kurpius tribute. One day I'll take pics as cool as his.

Don Woods legendary chopper!

Bad ass Sporty chop of course I forgot to write down the details too.

His wife painted the tank and it came out great.

The pipes are asymmetrical but look bad ass anyway. I dig it!
There is the man himself so you can see the genius behind this bike even if I am too stupid to write stuff down.

This bike was LOOOONNNGGGG!!!

I wish I could have gotten pics with it more out in the open so I could show you just how long this beast is.

Look at those damn forks!! It looked straight out of an old biker flick when it was bouncing across the campsite. 

That's it for today, check back later for more!

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