Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunday - Going Home!

And we're finally up to Sunday morning. Saturday night I took it kinda easy. There was still some excitement, but I wasn't too involved in it. Let's just say that someone got what they were asking for. Finally we all went to sleep and got up ready to make the trip home.....

Some of the folks standing around talking and saying their goodbyes.

Check out those patches. Think Doug's been to some out of the way places?

Snuck this picture of Pickett when he wasn't looking.

Chris and Rick joined the goodbyes.

Nathan and Andy coming back with coffee. Can ya tell they had a wild weekend? Look at those faces!

Classic Andy picture right here.

Doug's ready to go.

Andy saying "wait for us!"

Finally we all got up, got packed and headed into town to gas up before leaving.

Chris showed up while we were there. That man had a LONG ride ahead of him, but he made it with no problems that I heard about.

A picture with my fan club ;-P

This armband survived the weekend in just about as rough a shape as we did.

On the road for home!

I was trying to take a picture of Brandon taking pictures (I'm weird like that), when Duane decide to try surfing.

He made it up!

We passed a glider field before we made it out of the mountains.

Picture my Wife took when I got home. On the way back Duane's borrowed bike broke so we got separated from the pack. Luckily the trucks were with us so we finally gave up on fixing the wiring and loaded him up. Then we hit the interstate to make time. I got off at the Alabama Welcome Center and the rest kept going. That worked pretty good for me because I was so tired that I was actually nodding off on the bike. This way I could make stops when I needed to and eventually made it home safe where I proceeded to sleep ELEVEN hours straight. I normally sleep about 5-6 so you can see that I was pretty damn tired. I've had time to recover so now I'm ready to go again. The next trip will be the Bastard Bash in August. It's another grass roots party that shouldn't be missed. Maybe I'll see you there.

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  1. I miss this shit. And you got to hang with Doug.