Monday, June 11, 2012

A Tale Of Two Bad Boys

By now you should have figured out that I love my 1995 Bad Boy. I fell in love with this bike the day I saw the first ad back in late '94 and dreamed of one from that day forward. Over the years I would run across them every once in awhile, but never when I had money and when I DID have money none were to be found. I even built (badly I might add) a 1/12 scale model of one just like mine as well as having the little 1/18 Maisto version. I'm telling you I had it bad. Then after my "unfortunate incident" with the delivery truck I found myself with some money again and the deal dropped in my lap to buy this one. Since then I have been super happy and have ridden the hell out of this bike. We ride every day together and I hope to continue this for many more years. The thing about these bikes though is that they only made them in 1995, 96 & 97 and even those years they didn't make many...
Total Production 3367
Blue Stripes - 1747
Red Stripes - 1618
Special Custom - 2 (HD did not record what the color was back then)

Total Production - 3344
Purple Stripes - 1103
Turquoise Stripes - 1183
Yellow Stripes - 1058

Total Production 1635
Blue Stripes - 424
Red Stripes - 444
Silver Stripes - 767

As you can see they only made about 2000 of the blue ones total. As a matter of fact I've never seen 2 together. I've only seen a couple of any color together a few times and one of those was at last years BMR when Chris from GA rode his red one up. So when Robbie mentioned his on facebook I was totally surprised and when he said he was riding it to BMR I was stoked. When he pulled in I couldn't stop grinning. He had only had his a few days at this point so it still had all the goofy stuff the previous owner had put on it. That will change soon I'm sure. While we were there I HAD to make sure I got some pics of both together. I wish I had made us move them to a better spot so that I could have gotten good clean shots of them together, but I wasn't thinking that clearly about it at the time. So these pics are what you get and I hope you enjoy them, I know I had fun taking them and seeing our bikes together.

Robbie's is so original it even has the big ass turn signals. Someone in the past had changed mine out to the newer small ones. I've taken the front ones off, but I leave the back ones on to tie the bag I use for work onto. So far I've made a sissy bar for mine, changed to the 12" apes and added the upswept fishtails. Robbie's has has some blue anodized covers added and pipes, otherwise it's original .

I think this is my favorite picture.

Look at our sweet babies!

The day we were leaving loaded down like pack mules.

From the rear.

From the front.

Ready to ride!

Stay tuned, more BMR pics to come. We went riding this weekend, but there was a big chance of rain so I didn't take pics.

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  1. Yup... the bad boys were in town...and it was good.