Monday, June 4, 2012

Saturday at the BMR

Friday night was throw down night and I ended up getting to bed (sleeping bag) at 4 a.m. I was up at 8 a.m. because that's as late as you could sleep with the way the sun crossed the valley. As I crawled out of my tent I looked over and saw that Alan had made it back to his tent.....sort of. It seems his tent fell down at some point and Alan couldn't be bothered to sober up enough to put it back up so he kind of used it as a sleeping bag. About this time I heard a loud roar and looked over to see a nice cloud of tire smoke start to rise up into the air. It seems that someone wanted to start their day with a blown tire and then proceeded to make it happen. After letting this get through the fog in my head I walked around for a few minutes and took pics of some bikes (pics to come soon) and stumbled across Chopper Ed asleep in the big top. HAD to get a picture of that of course.

About this time I realized I was as alive as I was going to get with 4 hours of drunken sleep so I rode over to the place where Roadside was staying in a cabin with Kim, Curt and Nichole. Curt was HURTIN' so we left him and his girl to recover for a bit while Roadside, Kim and I went over to the cool little country gas station/cafe for breakfast. Lots of folks had the same idea so we stood around outside until it was our turn at one of the tables. After we ate, we rounded up the hungover kids and hooked up with Darren, Shannon and some other folks to ride up to the falls and go swimming. It was a great ride up and back with lots of goofing off involved. After that we just kinda hung out and enjoyed the day. Check out the pics and be envious that you were not with us. Lots of pics still to post, but I'll break them down different ways.

This is how I found Alan when I got up. Doesn't he look comfy?

From the other side. I'd have to say that this might just be the poster shot for this years BMR.

The beautiful cloud of tire smoke rising on the morning breeze while the drag pipes serenaded me with their sweet song.

The aftermath of the shredded tire. I hope he found a way to get it fixed for the ride home.

I enjoyed walking around in the morning while it was so quiet and the temps were still cool.

Chopper Ed asleep in the big tent. He said he didn't need to bother with his tent since this one was empty all weekend.

Snapped this one on the road out of the campsite on my way to breakfast.

Waiting outside for breakfast. There were only a few tables so we had to wait out turn. That's RTW Doug's Indian again.

Bean're, Chris Callen and some other folks bikes out front.

Chris and Roadside swapping lies. 

I love the views up in these hills. Especially with sweet bikes to help frame them. 

Rick joined us for some good grub.

Back to the cabin to get Curt's drunk ass up and moving.

Saw this at the gas station. When's the last time you saw a Trans Am as sweet as this, especially the dark blue ones.

Curt and Nichole on the way out of the parking lot headed for the falls.

Stay tuned the pics from that ride will be up soon.


  1. me and scott put a new tire on my bike an hr later, awesome blog bro!

  2. Thanks! Glad to hear ya got it back on the road ;-) There wasn't much of a place to fix anything out there for sure.