Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Fun Filled Bike Post!

Another round of chopper goodness from the Big Mountain Run. Check em out and if you know any details about the bikes please post it up in the comments..

Nice Shovelhead with a dished tank and devil's tail sissybar.

I've always liked the Goodson style air cleaners and custom springers are ALWAYS cool.

Classic clean shovel, I like it! This is what people were riding when I got into this gig over 20 years ago.

I LOVE this Triumph, I wish I knew something about it. I took pictures, but never saw anyone around who looked like they were claiming it. If you know something PLEASE post it.

The paint was badass! They even painted the fork shrouds up by the headlight AND the lower legs.

Nice set of pipes and even more of a look at the rear fender and sissy bar.

Love the paint, look at the detail, it's even fishscaled on the forks. These are the little details that separate a cool bike from a totally bad ass one!

Even the tailight was cool and unusual.

And finally Stogie Joe's Sporty ready to celebrate Memorial Day.


  1. sorry I missed it, won't happen again.

  2. That triumph is Jason prince's bike he is from the good old ATL!

  3. Thanks! Now I need to get with him one day and do a proper feature on it.