Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saturday Afternoon At BMR 2012

OK, We're getting toward the end of the weekend THEN I'll start posting some of the bike shots I took. Today we have pictures from the ride to the falls, at the falls and a few shots I took during the evening. Check em out and I hope ya like em.

Riding through the town of Tellico Plains. They're used to bikes, but I don't know if they were ready for all the chopper jockeys that poured in that weekend.

Starting up the Cherahola Skyway.

I love how the sides of the road are blurred and the camera focused on Shannon riding ahead of me.

The falls from the stream down below. We climbed up to that shelf you can see with the big round boulder on the right.

Everyone jumped in to play.

Roadside, Darren and Shannon playing in the freezing water. It felt good on a hot day.

You can see everyone up on the falls in this shot. I like to just wade in the shallow water more than get soaked sometimes. The water was so cold and clean that my feet felt totally relaxed and refreshed after this.

The ride back, you can see that Kim had Darren's camera and was trying to get some good shots from the back of Roadside's bike. I'm not sure if she was getting single shots or shooting short videos.

Kim wanted a picture of us together.

Chris and the Cycle Source crew on stage getting ready to give out the prizes.

Roadside Marty MC extraordinaire!

Fred and Dennis, a couple of great guys I met through the evil Facebook, and now we've finally seen each other in person.

And finally to close out the evening a picture of Butters moving his bike from the bike show area back to his campsite.

I know you're probably getting tired of this crap by now, but there are more pics to come. Stay tuned.....


  1. Some truly great pics, and I suspect an even better time was had by all. When I can afford to, I may just need to take a month off and hit the BMR, Laconia, and the Smoke Out all in one sweet lifetime ride from here in the pacific NW.

  2. Great pics as always brother and thanks for sharing them!!!!

  3. Thats the day i missed the damn turn for the falls and ended up on the border of North Carolina

  4. Brian - You for sure need to make it out for this one sometime.

  5. Marty, Brothers like you are why I keep doing this stuff. Sometimes it gets old or overwhelming and then I get a good weekend of fun and I'm recharged!

  6. Chris! You really Do read the blog!!!!