Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost The Last BMR Post.

Another fun filled post of rich and creamy chopper goodness. Today we have a pic that i should have posted the other day. It's the dished tank bike with it's rider heading up to the bar area. After that are some more cool bikes that I hope you enjoy.

Now they are complete. One is useless without the other ;-)

Some Hate City Love! I love these guys, they are a trip to hang out with and build some really cool stuff!

Another view of this fine XL.

Gotta love the coon tail hanging from the back. Pure Georgia redneck right there ;-P

Moons bike with the borrowed tank from the old Weed Steed.

Bad ass flattie!

Another view.

Nice shovelhead built by this guys brother at Milkhaus. Pretty sweet ride so look up the shop!

Knucklehead Love! I may have posted this one already but I don't care. It's that damn beautiful.

Dig the cool shift handle!

Stay tuned for more fun!

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