Thursday, May 31, 2012

BMR Day 2

Time for the pics from Friday. I don't have many pictures of the craziness that went on at night since I don't like the way my camera takes pictures in that lighting. So enjoy the pics from the daylight.

Friday was a fun day, I went to breakfast with Nate and Andy then hooked up with Roadside Marty, Kim, Curt and Nicole for the rest of the day. Friday night got REALLY crazy, Roadside and I even joined the mosh pit and Roadside did a little stage diving. It was Curt's birthday and we did our best to make sure he had a good time. And by that I mean make sure he got puking drunk. We succeeded of course and in the process had a great time ourselves.

I woke up to John Dills starting his usual madness. It was fun to watch him in action.

Nate's knucklehead. Even sweet bikes like this need a roadside repair every once in a while.

The breakfast here was pretty good AND we were able to get cell phone reception so we could let the families know we were safe.

Chris Nowell (pronounced "Now Well" in case you didn't know!) and someone who's name I missed (like that's a surprise). Chris says he's a big fan of the blog, but he never comments so there is no proof ;-P

Roadside Marty and Kim on the Dyna T-sport. There are very few people I am comfortable with riding next to me and even fewer still I would be able to snap a picture of while riding next to me.

Alan was WIDE ASS OPEN all weekend. He fell on top of my tent Thursday night with me in it. He slept wrapped up in his tent Friday night because it collapsed and he couldn't be bothered to fix it and I have no idea where he slept Saturday night. I'm glad he had fun though, the man deserves it.

Bikes were riding around all the time and I tried to get pics when I could.

We walked down to the stream to get in and cool off. On the way a couple of folks pulled in and I was able to grab a few shots I like.

Another bike on the way in.

Riding past the unused big top toward the bar.

More pics to come, keep checking back there should still be a few good ones on the way.


  1. sorry for falling on you buddy,,i have something for you I'm going to send up,it was good times can't wait till next year,

  2. PROOF!! HAHa, good to meet you man!! And it's pronounced just like "Powell"....only with an "N" hahaha

  3. We had so much fun it should be illegal LOL!!!! Miss the hell out of you already brother!!!!