Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking For A Good Deal On Afew Parts!

I need to pick up a few more big pieces for the Flyrite and figured I'd ask around and see if someone has a few pieces to help me out. What I need is a starter that will fit a evo sportster (my engine is an '89), a sissy bar that fits under a flat fender. I still plan to finish the one I started, but I want to finish this soon so I thought I'd go with one already made. I'd like a set of upswept fishtails for an evo sporty and I need an ignition set up. Also if anyone has one of Fab Kevin's invisible seat hinges they decided to not use I could really use one of those. I'm sure I need more, but that's the biggest and most important stuff. You can reply to this post or contact me at jd_choppers_rule@yahoo.com Thanks for the help and I'll keep posting pics as I make progress!

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