Friday, June 8, 2012

More BMR Bikes For You!

And we're back with more bikes from BMR. Once again I grabbed shots where I saw them and didn't really find out a damn thing about them. I gotta work on that. Enjoy the pics and keep checking in, I'll have more stuff up over time.

Killer old barn find Knuckle. It's pretty much as it was when it was drug back into the light of day. Just made to run and a rear seat bungee corded on.

These were taken while waiting for our turn to get breakfast at the gas station/cafe.

Looks like an old Brit rear fender was used on the front, but who knows?

I saw this one parked at the Hardee's next to the gas station before the ride to the falls. Nate said the guy had lost his leg and this is what he came up with to keep on riding. Gotta love a Biker who refuses to stop riding.

Nice clean FL shovel....

...with a grocery cart sidecar to make sure he can carry everything he needs!

As you all know I have a soft spot for 90's Bad Boys since I love mine so much and because they are pretty rare these days. This bike started as a Bad Boy, but has been modified to better fit the owner's needs and style.

Still had the stock Bad Boy air cleaner cover and the paint resembles the factory paint so maybe it was repainted out of need and not just because.

Sun's going down and the creatures are starting to stir.

Check back for more!

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