Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saved The Boss For Last!

If you read Cycle Source then you've seen this bike. Chris the editor of CS has been riding his old bagger for a long time while in his head he was thinking up his dream bike just like the rest of us. It seems the stars and planets finally aligned because Chris was able to bring his dream to life. With the help of some good friends and Brothers he was able to gather parts and people at the Cycle Source Garage and bring this dream to life. Of course a side trip was in order to get the guidance of a legendary bike guru in the form of Roadside Marty's Dad for the engine build. Once the heart of the beast was in order everyone reconvened at the CS garage and wrenches started spinning. If you want the details you can check out the last few issues of the mag. It's all there so I won't bother to rehash it here. It's enough to say that this bike is even more beautiful in person and it seems that Chris is determined to ride the hell out of it. These pics were taken Sunday morning as I was waiting for the dew to dry on my tent so I could start to pack up. It was really the first time I saw the bike sitting still long enough to take pictures. Check em out and remember that we'll be doing all of this again next year so you need to make plans to be there yourself.

The paint is gorgeous and I'm diggin' the pipes.

Makes ya wanna just climb on and go doesn't it?

Love those classic six-bend bars. Look close for all the details, there are a million to find and just when you think you've found them all you see another.

That's Chris' other bike behind it. Be there next year so that you can see this for yourself!

That's it for BMR this year, I'll be moving on to other stuff soon.

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