Saturday, August 13, 2011

Less Than A Week Until The 4th Bastard Bash!

A week from today I will be right in the middle of the 4th Annual Bastard Bash at Deal's Gap Resort. Last year's Bash was one of the best parties I've ever been to. It was pretty small and full of really great people. I'm sure this year will be more of the same. In honor of the upcoming festivities here are some of teh pics I took last year. Come on out if you can, it's worth the effort.

The founder of the QCB is Rob and this was the "Rubber Fist" It's been parted out and sent to new homes sine this pic, but Rob has another bike that is shaping up to be even better as an all around hooligan bike.

You probably saw the latest version of this bike in this month's Cycle Source. Buttas bike is a true work of art and as usual is every evolving into a better bike to fit the owner's current riding style. If you missed seeing this bike at the BMR then come on out to Deal's Gap to see it.

Justin came all the way from Canada with his XL. This bike also won a trophy at the Greasebag Jamboree

LTB OWNED the Dragon last year on this bad ass chopper. Who says longbikes can't handle???

My favorite tattoo artist Scott Alvarez was there!

Iron Hollie and her ol' man Big Fink made the party, where were you?

Pyro's Keg carrying Sporty! Ya had to be there.

Nice shot of all the bikes lined up outside the rooms. This is where all the rich Sporty riders stayed, us hicks from Alabama camped in the field on the other end of the property :-)


  1. Is it a come one, come all event, or is it more like, "if your not on a sporster, stay at the house" type event. Just curious and haven't seen anything that's given me any type of vibe. I get what its suppose to be about, but some of us don't own sportsters but love riding motorcycles with other folks who really love it as well. Maybe you can give me some insight on this. Thanks man.

  2. Everyone is welcome. I'll be riding my softail. I rode it last year too. Of course I had just sold my Sporty then. This year I at least own one ;-) If you want to go We are leaving Thursday morning.