Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Great Ride To Lunch On Saturday!

This Saturday's lunch ride was great. We had 9 or so bikes for the ride and we had a great time blasting through traffic to get to Zeke's. Not much to say, the pics tell the story. Lunch was good and we enjoyed or ride.

Heading out from the shop.

Blasting down the road.

Whitey telling me that I'm number ONE!

What a motley crew this is!

As you can see Bill got his tank fixed. It still needs paint, but the new front mount is beautiful and should last forever.

Taking up all the damn parking lot!

Waiting for our waiter. I took the picture, but was trying to look like I wasn't. I hate when you can tell someone is just holding the camera out and taking a pic.

The rest of the table.

Cullen kick-starting his new bike. This one was just finished and is a beautiful piece of work. Larry and Spenser did good.

Ian Looking back wondering what stupid move I'm going to pull next just to get a cool picture.

Spenser bringing the Power! It's those new shaved fork legs, they make him feel EXTRA special. They do look great though. If Ross hadn't made the lowers on my Sporty look so damn good I'd do this to mine.

This is Todd, he's the guy that sold Bill the XS650 that got turned into his beautiful show winning, magazine featured Green Machine! He's slowly working on making this VLX his own. He's done a few things and has a lot more planned.

I'll have more pics from this ride posted later. I took a lot but can't use them all of course.

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