Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Spent Riding, Camping And Riding Some More!! (Part 2)

After the great ride to get to our camping area we commenced to trying to get set up before it rained (ended up dry all weekend). It seemed that getting our vehicles into this area was going to be tricky. Ian tried to get his Pathfinder up onto the trail and for some reason two wheel drive wasn't happy with us. The fact that his hitch dug into the ground didn't help. After almost getting hung up between a couple of trees and spinning the tires a lot we got him back out and around another way and into the woods. The bikes were easier except that Spenser has a foot clutch/jockey shift set up that gave him fits. He ended up with one broken footpeg, but otherwise OK. We headed down to the end of this trail and started to set up, then found out that all the tents wouldn't fit and a few of us realized that we would have a fire down here (cooking and light) and sleeping next to a fire in the Alabama Summer might not be a good idea so we moved back up the trail to the other campsite. After we had gotten set up Larry decided to try and find some water to cool off in since the creek by our site was pretty small......

The 2nd half of the campsite. It was cooler here, but still oppressively humid.

The main camp where we did the actual fun stuff.

Whitey had to meet us later because of family commitments, but he showed up and got his hammock squared away.

Larry found the pool at the base of the waterfall. It was small, but the water was COLD. Larry and Ian went right in, the rest of us watched until we were sure they were not getting eaten by alligators.

We found a "Barbie" rubber ball and of course started to throw it at each other. Ian just zipped it at Bill in this shot. Bill was trying to be funny and hit Ross in his big belly of course he missed and connected a little further south. A perfect hit too, we all heard the splat :).

Larry decided that a foot and a half of water was all he needed to swim. I think he's telling someone to not throw that damn ball at him.

Playing in the kiddie pool.

Ross and Bill decided to cross the creek and climb these big ol' DEAD damn trees. Ross when up the big one, but Bill decided he wanted to get up on the REALLY high one.

Close up of Bill defying death.

After dark during the festivities. Not too many pictures during this time because of no light and Man Laws says no evidence should be left behind.

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  1. Sounds like the Southern Chopper Boys are having way too much fun, I'm jealous. Not of the humidity though,I'll take "dry" heat any day.