Friday, August 12, 2011

Latest Project From Conte Kustoms

Last weekend I rode by Conte Kustoms to see what they're up to. It turns out that Raf got a killer deal on this bone stock 883 and had to get it. Work is well under way to make this into a much better looking bike than the factory ever envisaged. Raf even ended up selling all the take off parts for enough to cover a big chunk of the cost of the new stuff.

For you metric guys don't worry, Raf hasn't abandoned you. He will still more than happily work on and customize your metric cruiser. If you're looking to get your bike squared away at a more than reasonable price swing by and check these guys out!

You can see in this pic that work has started. The headlight and speedo assembly is just hanging there waiting to be cut away to make room for a cool new light. The fender is a classic ducktail bobbed fender rotated WAAAY forward of where it usually is.

You can see the new bars in this one. I told you this bike was virgin, the original air cleaner and exhaust pipes are still on it. The solo seat is going to look great on here.

Really good view of the bars in this shot, plus you can see the extreme angle of the fender here.

The tank came from Pandemonium and is ready for the sight gauge to be mounted. Keep checking back I'll post more as it progresses.

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