Friday, August 5, 2011

FINALLY! Shirts For Sale!

I am finally happy with the shirts I've been making and am ready to share them with you. I will be selling Black shirts with a white image or Grey with a black image for $15 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. If you live anywhere else and would like one then email me and we'll figure out the shipping. These shirts are all hand screened by me so they are not perfect, but they are all unique. If you want one send the paypal to and I'll get your shirt to you. As I said, I make these myself so it may take a few days to get your shirt shipped, but I will get it to you as fast as I reasonably can. This is a smoke free home, but I do have pets so you may find a stray hair or two. Help me support this motorcycle habit of mine and buy some shirts. All the cool people are ;-)

Don't forget to include your size, color choice and address with your order!

Black with white image.

Grey with black image.

Just a picture of Larry riding that I screwed with in Photoshop.

I was watching this movie on Netflix tonight while I was doing some printing.

Saw this one on netflix not too long ago. If you like the old movies they are out there waiting for you to enjoy them again.


  1. I told you...I want a green one with yellow ink or a blue one with red ink. Make that shit happen and I'll pay extra.

    Kustom shirts by Kustom Jeff.

  2. Last time you said you wanted a yellow one with green ink. Make up your damn mind so I can hurry up and tell you NO! Pick from the two colors I posted dammit!

  3. Maybe when it cools off some I can get some. As of now I don't have a local source for long sleeves.